Triathlon Coaching:

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1. Comprehensive full-year coaching - Only 2 spots remaining.
Cost: $50 weekly
Includes: Weekly programs and as you need communication, advice and guidance.
Extra's: Weekly Coaching and Individual Swim Programs - 1 swim session: $80 | 2 swim sessions: $100 | up to 4 swim sessions: $120

2. 12-15 week specific event coaching.
Cost: $800
Includes: 12 week program designed specificly for you, your time constraints, ability and your distance. Monitoring during the period, as well as event advice and guidance.
Extra's: $250 for individual swim programs (10.)
*Event 2 & more, Or extensions discount: $700 for 12-15 weeks + $200 for individual swim programs.

3. Swim technique sessions
Cost: $200
Includes: Three 1on1 swim sessions over a 3-6 week period, approximately 25-45 minutes each. Written report of stroke breakdown and summary, required fixes, drills and advice to take you to the next level.
Extra's: No improvement, no payment.

4. Individual swim programs (per 10)
Cost: $250
Includes: Specific programs designed for your needs.
Extra's: $150 for (3.) swim technique sessions.