This is where I am at 12 days out from Challenge Wanaka 2014

Posted by Dylan on 16 April 2014

So, I am sitting here in Wanaka with 12 days to go until I try and defend my most prized possession, my Challenge Wanaka title.

My build up so far has been a 12 week roller coaster ride, but a good one.
I started as a nervous wreck; afraid, disbelieving, unfit, and slow. The task in front of me seemed unattainable with those first few strides, even with those first few weeks, and definitely after my first few encounters with one of my biggest rivals for the 2014 edition, Richard Ussher.

But, slowly and surely things have come together. I’ve had good weeks, bad weeks, sick weeks, and bulletproof weeks. I always say balance is key, in everything you do, you need your lows to know your highs, but there are always those times when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

My coach and I put together a great plan before this all started. We learnt a lot from my first Iron-Distance season and I have faith that all will be good come race day.

Sitting here writing this 12 days out I am very pleased to say that everything is going to plan. I am now as excited as I was nervous, I feel boldly brave (perhaps a downfall!), I believe, I’m in the shape of my life, and I actually have found a little speed! (Thanks coach).

The race is going to be epic. There is a great field assembled and the course as always will throw every challenge possible at you. There are no favourites, but I am super happy to say that I will at least be one of those who are ready to race and will give it absolutely everything on the day.
Now I just have to wait and see if it will be enough.

Good luck with your training for what ever event you are racing and I will hopefully see you all out there!

Thanks for reading.



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