Taupo 70.3 2015

Posted by Dylan on 22 December 2015

Taupo 70.3

Sometimes too much of a good thing is, as we know, not a good thing anymore.
I thought that could be the case for Taupo 70.3, but I realised pretty quickly that racing in one of NZ’s best spots is probably never going to get old and it was great being back in Taupo for another chance to race some of the best guys over the 70.3 distance in the world.

Training had been going ‘pretty good,’ I wasn’t on fire by any means, but I was keen to have a crack.
I led the swim with Graham O’Grady and Matt Franklin in tow and then ventured off for a 3min + hike to transition. Braden Currie did what he does best and smashed the run and closed the gap enough for us to say g-day in T1 before we were on our bikes.

GOG was 100 or so meters up the road and I was a little behind Matt as we climbed up Napier Road away from the lake. Matt decided he liked the taste of tarmac better than his gels, so he decided to spend some time on the road.
At about this same point Braden came past, as he does best, attacking the climb and making me feel bad about my pizza and beer the night before.
I decided to justify it a little bit and went with him. Once we finished the climb and flattened off heading out to Reporoa, I went to the front and begin pulling in GOG. It took me about 5-10km and the two of us rode with a bit of a gap on Braden, Matt, and now Callum Millward until near the turn around.
The 5 of us then stuck together like a wolf pack and headed back to town.
The Mark Bowstead train flatted, Tim Berkel, from across the ditch, snapped an aerobar and ended up in a ditch, and Dougal ‘bike course bogan’ Allan rode half the ride with limited steering as his headset came loose.

So the run came down to the 5 of us… well kind of.
Braden, as he does, set out like a crazed zombie trying to catch the last living person on the planet and put a massive amount of time in to the rest of us very quickly. Callum was also running well and was the only one keeping Braden in check a little bit. I had a bit of a tussle with GOG, before running in to out-right 3rd about 11-12km mark and that was where we stayed. Braden 1st, Callum 2nd, and myself 3rd.

Taupo for me was all about putting the pieces back together after Kona. I wanted to ride well, and didn’t care too much about the rest.
I was very happy with where my riding was and felt as though I could have kept that tempo up for another 40-50km – a good sign heading in to a summer of racing where my riding will need to be on its game. My run was strong, but unfortunately not that fast, but for me that is life.

All in all I was happy to nab another podium to end the year. one win, four thirds for the year. Room for improvement, but no complaints.

Thanks for the support out in Taupo and throughout the year.
I will check in sometime before Challenge Wanaka.
I hope everyone enjoys their summer (or winter).