Race week: Challenge Wanaka 2016

Posted by Dylan on 10 February 2016

I wish after 3 wins here in Wanaka I could sit down and write this without the usual nerves, doubts, and all the little internal battles we face heading in to a big race. 

It would be quite nice to simply approach the race as just another day and get out there and race at my best… But, that’s not how things work.

All those nerves, doubts and internal battles are what drive me to be better, to train smarter, and to race harder, basically they are what prove me to just how much this race, and the others, mean to me.
They are what makes race day different and what brings the best out of me.

No race is easy, but I feel this Saturday is going to be one hell of a battle. Wanaka has always attracted some good competition, but never a lot of depth. This year we have that depth and from guys who suit this course, guys who know how to ride a bike, and not forgetting to mention a good string of ‘all-rounders’ who will no doubt make their presence felt.

The last couple of years we haven’t had a lot of wind, which made things ‘fast.’ This year the wind looks like it might be making an appearance, which will make things ‘fun.’ What ever the case I am expecting some huge performances out there from the eventual winners and podium placers.

This race defines who I am as an athlete and for that I will give it absolutely everything I have.
If I can win my 4th I think I will have delivered my best day yet.
Win or not, so long as I can get out there and race to my best I will be happy.

A special mention to my 2 sisters (& brother in law) and 2 brothers racing in the Half teams. My bro's team have a good chance at winning [no pressure ;)], and for my sisters it is a massive acheivement just getting to this point. Super proud of them and looking forward to seeing them out there at some stage, i hope.
Also to my better half, who is doing the half, and whos work ethic keeps me on my toes and whos enjoyment of it all reminds me of why I do it.
And of course to all the others out there who I have crossed paths with over their buildup to Saturday - It will be great to share the lake, roads, and trails with you all! 

Good luck to everyone racing. Don’t forget to enjoy it, it’s the best race in the world!  

On a final note the Challenge Wanaka team have really stepped up this year with race coverage. Live TV, tracking, GPS, social media updates, and a brand new app where you can find it all – hopefully we all put on a good show.
It can be downloaded at: 
http://apple.co/1XeQdT4 for iPhones
or http://bit.ly/1Pi3ask for Androids

Live TV from:

Chat to you all after the race.

Thanks for all the support



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