Pre-Kona 2015 - 2 weeks out

Posted by Dylan on 28 September 2015

I am now 6 weeks deep in to my time away in the USA preparing for the big dance on the big island of Kona in less than weeks.
I started my trip with a few flights from Christchurch to Boston, to race 70.3 Timberman. 
It was a long trip before a race, through a few time zones, and what ever else, but i was keen to get a hit out in the legs to break up what would have been over 3 months between Cairns and Kona. 
Although it ended up not being a 'pay-day' the race was a great hit out and I took a lot of positives away from it before the big miles were to begin in Boulder.
Those big miles have now been done and I am writing this at LAX in transit to Kona and I am pretty excited to get to the Island for the first time and for the heat and humidity to hit me in the face!
Boulder was awesome and I got everything out of it I could. The weather was next level, only a few drops of rain here and there, and no cold snaps to keep you on your toes!
It is always hard judging effort up at altitude when it isn't your full-time training base, but I feel as though the coach and I got it pretty right. The next couple of weeks will tell...
It is now time to settle in on the Island, learn the course and freshen up.
I hope all those out there who are racing have had a good preparation. I will see you out there.
I will update again a couple days out from the race.
Cheers for reading,

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