Pre - Ironman Cairns

Posted by Dylan on 11 June 2015

It's that time again where I sit in my hotel room and think about the work I have done and the pain that is to come...

The works been good, it's been cold in Christchurch, but we've been lucky a little on the rain side of things and I have managed to get through all my training and get some solid key sessions in.
Cairns is super important to me, it isn't just 'another' Iron-distance race like I've done the last couple of years. I need to perform well and get across the qualification line for Hawaii.
Having driven the bike course yesterday I am even more excited to get out there and race. Plenty of hills and plenty of wind. If it's raining I'll be happy, if it's hot, then I'll be hot like everyone else!

Very cool to have my better half arriving tonight with my Mum and Dad. Always nice to have a support crew from home.

Watch this space!

Over and out


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